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We require physicians, dentists, other health care professionals and facilities to use our free, secure online tools to access eligibility, benefits and claims-related information for most Regence members.

New providers: Please register for both portals using the links provided.

Availity Web Portal

All providers can use Availity’s Web Portal to submit claims, view benefits and eligibility and many other transactions.

Use the links below to register with Availity:

Dental provider login with Availity Web Portal

Medical provider login with Availity Web Portal

Login with OneHealthPort

Use Availity’s remittance viewer. The viewer converts 835 Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) data into a readable 835 ERA. You can view your remittances and search by:

  • Patient
  • Date range
  • Claim number
  • Check/EFT trace number

Learn more about Availity. Attend a FREE medical webinar or workshop in your area. View the schedule.

Technical Support
Phone Availity Client Services:
1 (800) AVAILITY (1 [800] 282-4548) Dental portal users, select option 4

Regence Provider Center

The Provider Center is only available to providers within the Regence service area and offers access to provider-specific information, including fee schedules and member feedback.

Note: We are transitioning away from the Provider Center and have partnered with Availity to provide secure portal services using the Availity Web Portal. The remaining Provider Center features will continue until further notice.

The information in the table below reflects some features (e.g., benefits, eligibility claims status) that are available in the Availity Web Portal and in the Provider Center. We will continue to update this information as other transactions are transitioned to Availity’s Web Portal.

Transaction Availity Web Portal Regence Provider Center
Benefits and eligibility for Regence members X X
Benefits and eligibility for BlueCard and FEP members X  
Claims status, inquiry and detail for Regence members. X X
Claims status, inquiry and detail for BlueCard members, and for FEP members X  
Dental transactions Availity Dental Portal  
Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA)s
Medical - Use Remittance Viewer
Dental - view remittance information on the Avaiity Dental Portal
Online medical claims submission X  
Cost estimator   X
Fee schedules   X
Benefit booklets   X
Print member cards   X
Provider agreement documents (eContracting)   X
Pended Claims Summaries   X

Accountable Care Reports:

  • Provider Roster - Download your provider roster(s) for verification and update
  • PCP Member List - View a member roster for a PCP
  • Referral Summaries - View a referral summary for a PCP or a Specialist

KingCareSM members

Regence Provider Center Technical Support

Phone: (888) 427-0470
Monday - Friday, 7am - 5pm PT

System Hours

Monday - Saturday, 24 hours/day
Unavailable Sundays 8am- noon

How to register

Access to Provider Center is provided by OneHealthPort™ which allows a secure environment to access multiple health plans and hospitals using one account, eliminating the need for multiple accounts, passwords and user agreements.

To register:

Existing OneHealthPort subscribers
Login to the Provider Center

Learn more about gaining secure access to the Provider Center by registering with OneHealthPort.

View Remittance for Claim Line Detail for BlueCard members. In the Availity Web Portal, claim line detail for Regence and FEP members is currently available using the "View Remittance for Claim Line Detail" link that displays on the Claim Status results page.

There may be instances where the link does not work (e.g., the home plan returns their local claim #, the claim was processed on our decommissioned system) and also when claim detail is not available because payment was made to the subscriber. In those instances, the following pop-up message will be displayed:

Claim details are currently not available
Claim details are currently not available using the link you selected. To obtain claim detail information, please use the remittance viewer and select “Search by Patient”.


  • Claim detail information for payments made to the subscriber will not be available.
  • For FEP claims, convert the ‘R’ in the member number to an ‘8’. Example: convert R12345678 to 812345678.

To obtain claim detail information, please use Availity’s Remittance Viewer then Search by Patient. To access Remittance Viewer, click Claims Management and select Remittance Viewer on the left navigation bar. Enter the patient ID and/or the patient name and date of service if searching by patient.