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OneHealthPort™ was created by a coalition of health plans, physicians and hospitals that joined together to build a trusted community where business and clinical information could be shared securely and simply.

OneHealthPort offers health care professionals an easy and secure way to access the provider websites of major local health plans, hospitals and other valuable online services.

Rather than placing time-consuming phone calls or logging into several different websites, OneHealthPort users can access information from all participating organizations using one common security solution. 

The WorkSMART Institute is a program managed by OneHealthPort to promote Best Practice Recommendations (BPR) and Administrative Simplification.  These recommendations are a result of focused work groups made up of payors and providers with a shared commitment of improving and standardizing processes. Learn more.

These focused workgroups have created a series of documents, guidelines and training workshops that are available on the OneHealthPort website to help both payors and providers more efficiently navigate as a united community.